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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And then he came and turned my world around!

Dear Diary,

Bridget is back, again. Hopefully for a bit longer this time, but who can tell...?

What brings her back to you D. is an irresistible urge to indulge in an emotional outpouring from last night's events.

Hmm.. did I whet your appetite D.? Does this sound like some romantic or kinky activity Brdiegt got involved into last night? Well it was! All that hip swaying from George was enough to make a girl's blood heat up ha!

You see D., last night little Bridget was invited to make a date with history! The history of her teenage years, which were marked by fierce competition between Morten Harket from A-ha and George for the biggest slice of her heart (and her 13 year old fantasies, which involved flowers and romantic songs written for her, just for her! Okay, there was kissing too sometimes!). And here's a scoop D., a public admission of what I have dissimulated for 2 decades now...

Are you ready for this earth-shattering piece of news D.? Sure? Okay here goes...

I really liked Andy better ha! What Andy? Ohlala! Andy from WHAM of course! Am I talking of Obama's family dog-to-be-acquired here? Follow will ya! So yeah D., I had a secret crush on Andy with the wild hair, well hidden from the jealous eyes of George with the wilder hair.

But I digress as usual - some things never change as you can see ha! Jeez, I still have loads of growing up to do :(

Back to last night. It was AMAZING to finally see George Michael Live! I was 13 years old again (well, some people I know would argue I am 13 years old most times...). Memories of Janet and I cutting his (George's! Follow D.!) pics from magazines, writing love letters which we never sent, and love letters which we did send, copying his songs in beautiful diaries with little hearts and flowers, getting excited over his latest records. I still have the earliest WHAM! records I bought at home! Relics really. I'll give them to my grand-kids one day. Well, if we ever get there, the prospect of kids is not looking very promising these days, let alone grand-kids ha! But more on that in another post.

I cried (a little only D., and very discretely at that - I was not going to make a scene in front of all these people duh!) when we all sang Careless Whisper with him (George!), and when he thanked us (me!) for the last 25 years we have been with him though it has not always been easy (I wonder what he means by that? Maybe I'll write and ask him. Now he's retired he must be feeling very lonely and would love getting fan mail). Granted, it's only 20 years in my case... okay 8-10 really as I haven't been following him much over the last decade, BUT 1) that's irrelevant to the matter at hand 2) He doesn't have to know I have been less than a loyal fan does he? There! 3) It didnt prevent me from feeling the thanks were well-deserved ha!

Should I feel ashamed D.? At a time when people are worrying over financial crises and terrorist attacks (ohlala, I've used the T word! Does that mean the CIA will open a dossier on me now and monitor all my moves??), I am gushing over a teen crush who is now 45! Him, not me! Oh well, you know, if they didn't want me to gush in current times over a pop star, they should have made sure we (him and I D.!) met when I was 13 and I could have swooned and fainted as befited my age ha! So I'll do it now, thank you very much and you can keep your holier-than-thou-raised-eyebrows-in-disapproval to yourself! Not you D.! Any disapproving person who may be reading me.

Actually it's quite nice D., no one knows I'm back to writing (probably because I wasn't until now ha!), except for the Little Lady. Oh and the French-speaking bloke who visits now and then and wants to know about me, juste un peu he says. Like my (severely battered) privacy paranoia would allow that ha!

D. I'm off, look at the time aaargh!! I'll be late! I'll do your colours another time!


The thought just occurs to me - If I could get to see Morten too Live D., I would die happy! Well, no not quite. Somehting would be missing - Do you think there's a chance Daniel Craig could be persuaded to model while I try my hand at nudes?? Painting was a fave teen activity too ha!
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Glad you had fun. Although you do know that George is a fruit - so even if the stars aligned, he'd probably be more interested in your brother (if you have any).

I wonder when the backstreet boys will come to Dubai. That's my teenage crush/fantasy.

December 3, 2008 at 8:08 AM  

@ mars
Does it matter if he is gay?
I mean when he first hit the scene did we know that?
Did it make Freddie Mercury or Elton John any less talented at their work because they are gay?
So what if he is.
Half the world is involved in bizarre sexual proclivities, of which homosexuality is probably the most tame.
I would rather he(George) be happy and contented with who and what he is then see the creative loss of someone, unhappy with pretending to be someone else.

And bridget
I am just soooooo groupie psycho mom even two days later.

December 3, 2008 at 1:08 PM  

Btw any ideas on WHY my vids wont upload on you tube.
Its been 2 days I have been trying. Only succeeded with that one.

December 3, 2008 at 4:34 PM  

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