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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bridget's brand of mumbo-jumbo end-of-year-talk

Dear Diary

Seeeeee, little Bridget is back. Sooner than we had both expected I know! Thought I should come share with you my last musings for the year, seeing how frighteningly close to the end we are. The end of the year D., not the end full stop ha!

This will all be a bit of a mumbo-jumbo, seeing as I'm more concerned really to catch the last of the day's sun than to focus on diarising. No worries D., we'll get there, we always do, don't we...

Okay, for some 'Key Learnings' to parody the guys at work.

Bridget has learnt that,

- .....

** Blank mind**

Okay, never mind, we'll get to that later. I'll tell you some nice stuff that happened to me this year D. ( in no specific order of importance)

- I traveled to a new country, which reminded me a lot of beautiful wild Africa
- I became an Aunty in Dubai! Geraldine gave birth to a cute baby girl, a mix of Latin and Chinese, she's a beaut! She's a few months short of a year now, and can recognise faces (I think). Her face breaks into a broad toothless grin when she sees me, surely that means she knows it's Aunty Bridget?
- I fell in love! (more on that in another post D., I know you're dying to know, but life's not all about instant gratification ha!)
- I moved flats. I simply love the view from my balcony, it's my first greenery-view in all the time I've been in Dubai. Previously I faced buildings duh! The view has a soothing effect on me, I just have to step outside and look at the tree tops and I feel relaxed! I spend loads of time hogging the balcony I have to say. I eat there, read there, sometimes watch telly from there, I've fallen asleep there too! Only one did I have a (major) scare. I was sprawled all over, playing with my hair, and failed to see a roach on the wall behind me. Only when I went inside to get a drink did I notice a suspicious shadow. I shuddered in retrospect - it could have landed on me, crawled into my hair, done horrible stuff to me D.! I'm terrified of roaches! For two weeks, I didn't step outside post sundown, BUT kept guard periodically like the paranoid person I can sometimes be to see if it would come back (yeah, I would have recognised him! Or his family members!). But turns out it was a one-off occurrence, must have been the heat of the summer months and all the trees around. So I'm back to enjoying the fresh air (cold by now) and the view. And the construction noises of course. The added bonus is, I have ditched my stalker ha! He still tries to figure out where I now live, but there's no way I'm making that mistake!! (Jeez D., I can't believe I've written that much about that balcony!)
- I cut my hair by half its length and found out it grows back fast. It's still not its original length yet, but we're getting there. Now that's good news, since me no like short hair. But back then, i had to cut them. It was symbolic. Well, not that it sybolised much in the end ha! More laters D. (I know, I know, I'm coming across all coy and mysterious, but it's just that I don't have time to tell you everything at one go)
- I made new friends, two of whom seem to have potential to grow into close friends. If you recall D., I take time me to let people get close to me, so yeah, they're still not fully grown. Grown into what? Into close friends D., follow will ya! I'll call them Twit and Trix. Courtesy of my privacy paranoia. I'm a bit concerned at the mo, Trix is behaving strange around me, pretending to be busy and unavailable. Not at all what I'm used to. Hmmmm. I'm wondering if I may have caused some major offense (it wouldn't be the first time eh Bridget! Yeah D., thanks for reminding me, but I needed no reminding duh!)

The sun's paling D. What sun? Didn't I tell you I was catching the sun as I diarise? You never follow anything do you? Sometimes you are exactly like Trix, barely listening to what I'm saying!

Okay, I'm bored telling you nice stuff that's happened to me D., I'm gonna (try) share some key learnings now.
- Hmmm. Bridget has learnt that even if years back, she ruled out falling in love again in a giggling-like-a-kid manner, she actually did! At the ripe ol' ag of Miss Jones ha!
- I won't keep repeating 'Bridget has learnt' D., it will be monotonous for you (and more importantly tiring for me), but it is implied, ok? 'Blood run thicker than water' is overrated. Sibling rivalry can be fierce and last well into middle-age. That's what Miss Jones has observed from other people's dealings. Competition and envy bloody well start at home.
- 'Always' and 'Never' are words that should really be banned from everyday use. Earlier in the year, I thought I'd never be in touch with some people, but I did. And I thought I'd always be friends with some others, but people have a limitless resourcefulness to betray and hurt.
- No one watches your back better than.. yourself ha!
- People are really not black or white (big shock), they're full of grey shades (big disappointment), they shift colours like chameleons all the time, it's kinda scary. But it's life right?
- Bridget has started realising that she will never be completely grown-up! Despite all her efforts to act, talk, poise, behave adult in the last weeks, there's a little girl inside her who's thinking mischievous thoughts and giggling at the idea of putting them into play! I think she missed out when God was distributing the 'grown-up' gene. Vincent and Thierry were right, a femme-enfant she is, a femme-enfant she seems doomed to be I'm afraid!

Me off now D., I have dinner plans. Your colours another time. If I don't hurry, my sophisticated attempt at fashionably en retard will turn into indecently late ha!
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i agree about the 'blood thicker than water' being overrated. actually, nothing is thicker. everything is leaky and thin.

December 6, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

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